Sunday, November 23, 2014


Well, hello there!

The craziness isn't over yet, I'm shooting for December 1.  But, in the last few weeks I've been able to catch my breath in little snatches.

Therefore, I've been Instagramming the bejeezus outta' my life.  And, lucky for you I have found time to share the Instayummy with you!

Would you look at all this cray-cray! I found it clearing out boxes
a) I cannot believe I used to wear this stuff
b) I cannot believe that I saved it 

Don't Blink! I bought a new ornament for our Christmas tree. Way excited!

I finally bought something (from a craft show) to hang on the bathroom wall
AND I hung it up - w00t!

In an effort to get ahead of the game I've been addressing Christmas cards,
only 5 a night, while dinner is in the oven

Entry into Creepy Town
Underneath the addition on the house is a basement only accessible
via a trapdoor in the floor of the library.
The well tanks are down there and my Beloved had to go down there
to turn of the water to the outside hose bibs.
I tried valiantly not to panic while he was down there.

Dutch Baby Pancakes - my newest addiction

Flavia (L) & Flint (R) turned one!
Happy Birthday babies!

I managed a little Christmas knitting finally - yaay!

Nike has been doing really, really good.
We are all happy.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Let's Talk

So in the real world outside of my knitting, homesteading, blogging, voracious readering, Doctor Who watching empire I have a job.  I mean in addition to being the most spectacular wife my Beloved has ever had (I am fairly positive that I am the only wife he's ever had) and the Best Thea Poppy ever in the history of Thea Poppy's.

Me.  Every morning lately.

So, yeah, job.  I am a "Physician Scheduling Manager" for a a fairly large group of doctors.  And that means the my life gets cray-cray at certain points of the year.

Like now.

Which of course means that fun things like:

Blogging - however one could argue this

Eww, wait? Are those ALL of my hobbies? Ummm... anyway, those things are put on the back burner ( insert cute joke about the burner pans needing to be cleaned too here  ).

So on top of working 55-60 hours a week, I have, you know, wifely things like "cleaning the whole entire house" and "making dinner every single night" and the occasional "try to have a life and not go to bed at 7 pm on a Saturday night"... you get it.  It's all those other things that we have to do as an adult to keep our households running while not going utterly insane.

Which just makes me:

So I will continue to suck down coffee like it's my lifeblood and when I get through with this Call Schedule - I'll try to resume my normal blogging (which as we all know if spotty at best).

Fare thee well until next I find a spare moment!

*EDIT: I should have titled this - The Queen of Memes Post

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

I forgot today was Wednesday!

I have a picture to share.  Lucky you!

This weekend we winterized the coop so everyone was out & about chasing bugs.



I have a severe case of the dreaded BLERG's.

I have, I kid you not, no less than 4 blog posts half finished.  Nice.

God willin' and the crick don't rise I'll get at least one of those buggers done and unleash it on the world.

Now for work to quit getting in my way!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday: I Need These in My Life

Ribbon Barrettes.
'Cause my hair's getting to the length where
 I need to pull it back, out of my eyes.
And because Xanadu.
You can't go wrong with an endorsement like that.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

On Goodness and Mercy

Alternate title: Hatchery dude - "We have a 90% success rate!" {snort}

For the longest time while all the chicks were in the brooder I tried denying that I had ANY roos.  In fact there's a video floating around wherein I proclaim "and there's Mercy.  She's the one who has already gotten her comb and wattles!" {eye roll} and "that one is Goodness who is a biiiiig girl, I wonder if she's older than the others?" {huff}.  Oh, then there's a video of them when they were only a few weeks old and both Goodness and Mercy were already squaring off.

Riiiiight.  As you have already surmised we ended up with two roo's.

So we decided to change their names to Goodman and Mercer.  Which frequently came out as "Goodness" and "Mercy". Whatevs, they didn't notice.

After everyone was moved out to the coop the boys started fighting more and more.  Goodness mostly kicking Mercy's behind.  Which sent me to frantically searching the internet for ideas on what to do.  Much hemming and hawing later my Beloved and I decided that one of the boys needed to be re-homed.

Goodness on the left and Mercy on the right - before all their sickle feathers came in

My Mommabean was currently without a rooster since Stinkeye had lost a battle with a hungry critter.

Stinkeye, whose name I believe was Socrates originally
but being a mean & nasty rooster was renamed accordingly

It was decided that Goodness who was the louder, more crowy of the two would go live with Mommabean. She lives further out the boonies on more land so he'd annoy less people with. his. incessant. crowing.  And she had more hens for him to slake his lust on.

Goodness is the chicken who had the eye problems.

Just look at those feathers!
Shake it off big guy
I think he was part pheasant
So! Mommabean, my sister & brother-in-law, my Beloved and I headed out to the run to catch him.  Have you ever tried to catch a chicken? Ooph.  We locked all the other chickens in the coop then spent the next 15 minutes chasing him around.

It would've made a seriously fantastic video - five adults trying to catch one chicken.  Many half curses (little ears were standing on the other side of the chain link fence) were flying, faces turned red and we were all out of breath by the end.

Wonder why I've been referring to Goodness in the past tense? Yes?

Well, Mommabean decided after one mean rooster that she wasn't going to put up with another.  I hear tell that for the first month or so he was kosher and acted like a gentleman.  But at one point he knocked my nephew down while he was feeding them and chased my sisters mother-in-law.  He currently resides in their freezer.

Poor Goodness.

And Mercy (or Mercer), he's mostly good.  Every once in a while he gets to where he feels the need to challenge me. He'll fluff himself up or stomp after me at which point I stop, turn around and whisper menacingly "I am the big rooster around here dude and I will end you." Followed closely by screechily shouting "Ooohhh! Pretty rooster, I want to touch the rooster! Here rooster, rooster, rooster" while chasing him.  It works for us.

He gets mad when I tell him his legs look like #2 pencils

Master tidbitter, First Class
The only one missing from this photo of his harem is Lola
Cold, wet and windy - Merc don't care

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Friday, October 3, 2014


We planted a lot of sunflowers this year along the south side of the pole barn.  We bought two packets of seeds but the majority of them were freebies

Some of them were absolutely beautiful

Others were your average (still pretty) type sunflower

Theeeeeeeeeeen there were the mammoth ones

Oh my gosh.  So huge.

I could've sworn I got some pictures of them before they got so top heavy but I can't locate them right now. Anyway, my problem now is this:

Holy. Mackerel.  I have zombie sunflowers.  

And yeah, what exactly do you do with them now? They look sad and more than a little horrific.  

So, you know what I did? I actually Googled "Sunflower Anatomy" earlier today.  Because, well, where are the seeds? Do you know what comes up? Fo'realsy charts of a sunflowers anatomy, naming every receptacle scale, phyllaries, ray flower and disc flower.  Huh.  Well.  Okay then!

After a third cup of coffee allowed more brain synapses to fire I Googled "harvesting sunflower seeds".  Much more helpful.

My plan now is to keep half of the heads for the chickens and leave the other half for the birds that over winter here.

Any other suggestions?

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Bugs? Of course.
Sparrows? Yep.
Crows? No problem.
Sandhill Cranes? I got this.
-Ghost Rider out.

Keeping our airspace safe since 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

(nearly) Wordless Wednesday

It's the eyebrows.  They're attack eyebrows.*

*Doctor Who reference that other cool kids will get

Monday, September 8, 2014

Voutsaras: Strolling Through a Greek Village

I have a fair number of pictures from Voutsaras, the village my father's family is from, and a ton from the other places we visited in Greece.  I'll share more pictures as I sort through them and try to figure out what in the name all things Holy and good in this world I was thinking when I took them.

Voutsaras is a tiny village in the northwestern area of Greece near the Albanian border.  According to Wikipedia thirteen years ago it had a population of 150.  And let me tell you, all but 4 of them came out to see what we were up to - especially me with my camera taking pictures of their houses. One old yiayia even asked what exactly were we doing!  Whenever my aunt would introduce us though they knew our family so we were all good in the hood!

Let's get this party started, shall we?

The house my aunt and father were born in.
The family lived upstairs and the animals there to the right.

I love the blue gate, shutters and doors so, so much!
There are shrines like this ever-y-where.  This one is in front of the village school.
Which is up hill.  Both ways.  He wasn't lying!
I lovedy lovelovelove Icons. Always have.
The house my papou lived in with his first wife.
She died tragically during the War.
What is left of their second house now (insert sad face).
This is where my other aunt- the one who we went with- and my uncle were born
Voutsaras, Ioannina, Greece
My darling mother-in-law and wonderful Aunt.  The neighbors invited us over for coffee!
You see the marble steps? That stuff is everywhere I tell ya!
Moseying around
My fabulous mother
Legend has it my father climbed up the bell tower
 and carved his initials into the stone at the top.
The well

I am absolutely enchanted by the these turquoise window frames

It's a Hobbit house! Or something.
The ubiquitous fig tree

Farewell Voutsaras.  Until next we meet.
If you to go to Google Maps and looked up Voutsaras, Ioannina, Greece you'll see the same red car at the well... I wonder how long its been there?!!??